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Ⅰ Responsible for appraisal evaluation for Class A1, A2, A3, C & D pressure vessel designing and/or manufacturing permit;
Ⅱ Responsible for appraisal evaluation for Class A & B pressure piping components manufacturing permit.
Ⅲ Organizing and carrying out industry certification for head manufacturing entities.
Ⅳ Organizing and holding trainings for industry personnel, technique, management, regulations, etc. Organizing and running training and examination classes as well as regulations and standards propagating and implementing classes for Quality Assurance Engineers, Welding Responsibility Engineers, NDT Responsibility Engineers, Inspection Responsibility Engineers, Process Responsibility Engineers, Material Responsibility Engineers, Heat Treatment Responsibility Engineers, Technologists, Inspectors, etc.
Ⅴ Organizing and holding the industry's national annual conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, technical seminars and related international professional conferences.
Ⅵ Assisting government departments in researching and formulating sector planning, and technical & economic policies. Entrusted by government departments to develop and revise the relevant national standards, industry standards and corporate standards, and promoting, implementing and supervising standards at all levels.
Ⅶ Conducting under authorization industry statistics, accessing to the domestic and foreign industry development status, collecting and publishing industry information.
Ⅷ Organizing new technology & new product appraisal and promotion, and project & technology evaluation.
Ⅸ Organizing domestic and foreign economic & technological exchanges and cooperation, contacting with relevant international organizations, guiding and standardizing the member’s foreign related communication activities.
Ⅹ Carrying out enterprise brand construction and recommendation in petrochemical industry.
Ⅺ Organizing domestic enterprises to open up foreign markets.
Ⅻ Participating in coordinating foreign trade disputes, organizing member enterprises to respond to and make complaint against anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other relevant works, to maintain normal order of import and export business.
ⅩⅢ Providing chemical equipment industry with consulting services regarding relevant laws, policies, technique, management, marketing, etc.
ⅩⅣ Organizing members to conclude through consultation guild regulations, so as to maintain member’s legitimate interests.
ⅩⅤ Sponsoring and hosting “China Chemical Industry Equipment” magazine, “China Chemical Industry Equipment Communication” periodical and “China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association” official website (the website is: http://www.cciea.com), publishing and issuing relevant materials, so as to provide service for the industry promotion and exchange.
ⅩⅥ Undertaking other matters entrusted by the government departments.
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